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“BHAIRI BHAVANI PERFORMING ARTS” Is a leading N.G.O which cherishes Indian culture and work with simple line “we design your every step” India has great culture history which varies with Indian geography.  From north to south and from east to west India has 15,106.70km area with different personalities, traditions, culture, etc. India is changing drastically in all these aspect and thus existence of Indian culture is a question mark. Bhairi Bhavani performing arts is not only preserving this culture but also spreading awareness in next generation to treasure this great culture.

Bhairi Bhavani performing arts imparts lessons in personality development, management training, Indian dance, music and drama. It also presents and performs the same (dance, music, drama) and tries to reach out to people both Indians and foreigners enabling them to grasp the nuances of the Indian performing arts in its various forms and thus providing people with an experience.     


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Bhairi” means god” Shankar” and “bhawani” means god “parvati” in that time there was always thinking of peoples is only preference for males not for females. So for females preferences there is dances like rasgarba, gidda, etc which are done by only females so its indicates equal treat with males, in the organization also there is equally treated females with males

In the logo there are 4 main thing drum, tribal men, pen and trichromatic curve. Trichromatic curve shows organization want to spread our culture from south to north of world. And tribal men can beat the drum from right hand its showing our culture and art. And in his left hand there is pen its show makes them literate

 We designed in various social fields of Bhairi Bhavani performing arts

  • “A tree at times saves ninety nine” the annual tree plantation and nurturing program.

  • “Your eye my vision” eye donation campaign and free cataract check up program.

  • “sathi” we provide readers and writers to the blind students for university exams and different competitive exams


Currently Bhairi Bhavani performing arts has active units all over Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Bhairi Bhavani performing arts spread fragrance of our great culture in under privileged children through the medium of dance, street plays, short films etc. these children then stand up & face this world confidently. They work on earn and learn basis

Our Working Stills

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

  • We design your every step

  • Conservation, preservation and dissemination of the Indian culture of state by implementation of multidimensional cultural activities and programmes

  • To explore and analyze the status of various forms of tribal and folk art & culture

  • Providing social security to the artists in various fields living in indigent conditions

  • Preserving the Indian art folk and tribal dance. To study the existing opportunities facilitating the preservation, promotion and

  • dissemination of tribal and folk art & culture;

  • To trace out the micro as well as macro socio-cultural and socio-economic

  • Factors which are hindering the promotion of tribal and folk art & culture.

  • To examine the role of Government Schemes and Programs, Institutions in

  • Preservation Promotion and Dissemination of all forms of Tribal and folk art & culture;

  • To predict logical and strategic mechanism for enhancing the skill of the

  • practitioners of traditional art & culture;

  • To suggest tenable strategies for enshrining, promoting and propagating tribal

And folk art & culture.

Our Mission

Our Vision

  • Movement Of Preserving Indian Culture & Folk & Traditional Art

  • Promoting Our Great Cultural Heritage amongst the Youth.

  • To give place to Indian culture at international level

  • In 2025 ,the organisation want to reach in unessco project  with Indian folk dances as Indian team.

Our Objective

  • Bhairi Bhavani performing arts is a well - conceptualised organisation for learning. An organization for understanding, thought and action, formed as a confluence of performing arts, education and personality development.

  • Our objective is to imbibe the aesthetics of performing arts and education, to spread beauty and smile and primarily to love, care and share whatever little we have.

  • Our approach is simple and our medium is music, dance and dramatics, which have a universal appeal. It is through this medium that we are to reach our goal of social service.

  • Increase Indian tourism

  •  Teach to student of organisation  the exact roll of  youth in the society

  • Now days a senior citizens are living in old homage and lonely so they want a company so organisation can do project with senior citizens

  •  To predict logical and strategic mechanism for enhancing the skill of the

  • Practitioners of traditional art & culture;

  • To predict logical and strategic mechanism for enhancing the skill of the

  • Practitioners of traditional art & culture;

Yoga Practice

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